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Signode is celebrating its 100th anniversaryClassic Signode Lorry

In 2013, Signode celebrates its 100 years of existence. The Seal and Fastener Company opened in Chicago in 1913 and invented a new technology that allowed distributors to tension and seal a steel strap around shipping containers without using nails. Three years later, the company was renamed Signode and became a well-known brand with continuous innovations in product development, industry technology and international growth to this day.

In 1923, Signode pushed for international exposure, beginning in the United Kingdom and Germany. Many product innovations followed such as the first fully automatic strapping machine in 1946, a plastic strap requiring 40% less raw material to manufacture, and the first battery-driven hand tools for plastic and steel strapping.

Today, with more than 100 years experience, Signode is a leading manufacturer of protective packaging systems.