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Signode Launch The New H3000 Strapping HeadH3000 Strapping Head

The new Signode H3000 strapping head continues on from the success of the H6500 strapping, offering the same reliable friction weld technology. This Swiss engineered strapping head is capable of using either polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) strapping in sizes from 9mm to 16mm and is capable of a tension force up to 3000N. Due to the H3000 using friction weld technology instead of the more traditional heat sealing technique the H3000 does not require any heating time so is immediately available. 

Signode are currently taking orders for the H3000, which can be retrofitted into any existing Signode installations. The H3000 will also be integrated into a new range of machines set to launch later in 2016.